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Innovation system

Design / operation / improvement


The above figure shows the overall picture of the mechanism for creating new businesses from within the company, but it is important to design a system that can be used because each company has a different culture and culture.


Based on the failure / success experiences of more than 20 companies involved in the new business creation system, we support the design of a "functional system", accompany the operation, and support continuous improvement.



"Innovation system design support"

Issues are identified from past and present efforts, and a draft is constructed by continuously repeating discussions and design visualization every other week (about 3 months). Formulate a trial plan based on the draft, and operate and improve major measures in the trial (about 3 months). Supports systematic and sustainable operation by continuing to rotate PDCA even after full-scale start.

"Lean Launch Pad (Practice)"

A systematic program that accelerates hypothesis construction of new businesses by repeating the combination of education (group training) and mentoring, market / customer discovery and business model construction by hypothesis verification, and business model demonstration in parallel with multiple themes.


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