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Innovator excavation, motivation, creation


Even if there is a system to accelerate business start-up, it will not lead to results if there are no human resources to take on the challenge.


"I'm interested in starting a new business, but I'm not completely on my own." "The challenge of innovation is far from me.

For those who feel that the hurdles are too high to take a step forward, we will provide a workshop to realize their own aesthetic sense and potential, and support them to take the "first step toward becoming an innovator".



"Effectation Workshop"

Take an inventory of your own aesthetics, skills and networks and combine them with those of others. With that as the starting point, set a goal at hand. Through such a series of experiences, lower the psychological hurdle to the challenge.


A mindset that keeps changing situations on your side, betraying your assumptions from moment to moment. Explicitly be aware of the maximum risk that you can tolerate personally rather than the big upside. An involvement mind that flexibly increases the number of friends according to the development.

This workshop is packed with experiences that are indispensable for entrepreneurs but rarely conscious of everyday life.


For inquiries and inquiries, please contact us at the email address listed at the bottom.

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