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Development of innovation human resources



A new business cannot start without ideas.


Even if I want to come up with an idea, I usually have no experience in starting a new business, so I do not know how to formulate a hypothesis, organize the structure, and verify the hypothesis necessary for starting a business, and I do not have tools or weapons and dark clouds It is not uncommon for people to go idle because they intend to make trial and error but become just a stray.


Scale Out Co., Ltd. has developed a lot of know-how and tools necessary for starting a business through the idea of ​​innovative ideas and trial and error, and has already been utilized by many entrepreneurial human resources.



"Needs-based Ideation Workshop"

Focusing on the familiar "impairment" that exists within a radius of 1 m around an individual, we identify the essential problems to be solved using the process of design thinking, and create ideas by examining the solutions. Design thinking is easy to understand, but it takes practice to put it into practice and get new ideas. A program for those who want to graduate from the turbulent "idea gokko" and get really novel ideas through effective repetitive practice.


"Seeds-based Ideation Workshop"

By arranging the technological seeds possessed by researchers and engineers in plain language, we will search for applications with compulsory ideas while incorporating various perspectives from the perspective of "who is happy to be able to achieve that in the end". Program to do. Many achievements in application search support in R & D departments of universities, research institutes, and companies.


"Lean Startup (Training Edition)"

We provide a practical education program for the customer discovery phase based on the concept of "lean startup," which is the global standard for launching new businesses.


"Others, monetization for new businesses, business model construction, profit planning training, etc."

Business establishment such as selling methods and pricing that are important in considering business models, learning methods to build business models focusing on organic and dynamic relationships between components, and financial planning courses that draw J-curves of new businesses An indispensable educational program for raising.

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