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We Are Enablers for

People and Teams to Innovate


How Can I Innovate The World?

“I cannot innovate, as it requires me too big aspirations and a dream plan.” 

Are you sure?

We do not believe we innovate as it is planned, especially in this uncertain and rapidly changing world. It no longer makes sense to forecast and shoot for unforecastable future.


But yes, it is very important where to put your first step, if you want to make a long journey to a big impact.


We believe successful entrepreneurs start from readily available resources to achieve a series of small but certain goals, go through continuous trials and errors to eventually reach impactful innovation.


Management Team


Founder and Managing Director

Masato Iino

Gone through ups and downs of startups after working at enterprises. After more than 10 years as a partner at a venture capital firm, he has been engaging as a professional startup accelerator to help entrepreneurs and enterprises to start new ventures and test them through precisely planned trials and errors as an evangelist of Customer Development Model and Lean Startup.


He started Scale Out Corp to develop Entrefulness upon Lean Startup to integrate other entrepreneurial methodologies and thoughts.


He is a devoted soccer watcher and a listener of heavy metal songs. He occasionally runs marathons, but never ran less than four hours.


The University of Tokyo (Law),

Harvard University (MBA)

Visiting Professor at Waseda University

Associate Visiting Professor at Nagoya University

Partner, XVC LLP

Director,Japan Effectuation Association

Books (translated and published): Startup Owner’s Manual by Steve Blank, Lean Customer Development by Cindy Alvalez, Lean Branding by Laura Busche


Founder and Managing Director

Kei Yamagata

Supporting Enterprises on cross border expansion at International Conference Organizing Firm, the U.S. Embassy in Japan, and a management consulting firm. Founded Japan Innovation Network as a member to help enterprises on systematic innovation. Not only designing the organization, but also jumping into many innovative projects.


After working as a freelancer to help teams to scratch start startups, he founded Scale Out Corp to develop Entrefulness with Masato.


He loves to travel the world. He loves to conquer Bib Gourmand style restaurants. He is proud of his unique boyhood at British School of Naval Academy.


Temple University Asian Studies B.A.

Partner, XVC LLP

Director,Japan Effectuation Association

Lecturer/Project Evaluator  for Japan’s Government (METI) Sponsored Program “The Overseas Human Resources and Industry Development Association”

Lecturer/Mentor for HAX Tokyo


Outside Director

Nobuhiko Hibara

He is Associate Professor of Finance and Entrepreneurship, Waseda Business School, Waseda University. Previously, he was Associate Professor of Finance, Edwards School of Business, University of Saskatchewan, Canada and School of Business, Ritsumeikan University, Kyoto, and worked with Center on Japanese Economy and Business (in Columbia Business School), the World Bank, RIETI, and Bank of Tokyo. He earned his Ph.D. and M.A. in Economics from Columbia University and his B.A. in International Relations at the University of Tokyo. His areas of interest are in financial intermediation, venture capital (particularly CVC), effectuation, and financing of innovation. He is Director, Center on Finance and Innovation, Waseda University.


Associate Professor, Waseda Business School, Waseda University

Director, Center on Finance and Innovation, Waseda University

President, Japan Effectuation Association

Director, Japan-Israel Chamber of Commerce and Industry (JICC)

Inamori Fellow (2008-2009)

Research Fellow, Inamori Philosophy Research Center


Unison Leader

Trukazu kinukawa

He has led value creation areas such as DX and MaaS in major manufacturing companies and joined ScaleOut in 2022. In parallel with promoting innovation within a major organization, he has also been actively practicing outside the company. Extensive experience as a trainer and mentor based on customer development models and Lean Startup. He was one of the initial development members of Scale-Out's unique program based on Effectuation.

His hobby is baseball. On his days off, he spends his time playing grass baseball, which he enjoys to the extent that he is not very good at it, and coaching and umpiring his son's youth baseball games.

The University of Meiji (Law),




Toshihiro Ichitani

Red Journey Co., Ltd. CEO Representative Government CIO Assistant
DevLOVE Organizer


He has a lot of experience in hypothesis verification and agile development management, where he develops the concept from the idea stage concept for services and businesses.

He started his career as a programmer, and after working on project management at SIer, a producer of large-scale Internet services, and agile development, he started his own company.

With the practical knowledge gained from each aspect, we continue to cross the border to reach the co-creation of software.

Author of "Kaizen Journey", "Making the Right Things Correctly", "Team Journey", "The Easiest Agile Development Textbook" and translations include "Lean Development Sites"


Yasunori Okajima

Fast Sensing Co., Ltd.

Executive officer



In charge of planning and development of video distribution services and IoT systems at BIGLOBE Co., Ltd.


Founded Iwabuchi Technology Trading Co., Ltd. in 2011. We provide support for in-house product development and planning and development of IoT systems. Since 2014, he has participated in the launch of DMM.make AKIBA and continues to disseminate information and plan as an evangelist.


In 2017, he founded Fast Sensing Co., Ltd., which provides a platform for IoT sensors. Launched a private office in 2019.


Graduated from the University of Electro-Communications


Naoshi Takatsu

IMD Managing Partner of North East Asia

After working at the Industrial Bank of Japan, Boston Consulting Group, and Recruit, Naoshi became the representative of Japan for the Swiss business school IMD (currently the representative of Northeast Asia).

Utilizing his cross-field knowledge of business, arts, crafts, and culture, and his fluency in Japanese, English, and French, he connects people from different worlds and fields and facilitates the creation of knowledge and places.


Waseda University Faculty of Political Science and Economics

Master of Business Administration (MBA) from INSEAD, France

Kuwasawa Design School Completed Basic Modeling Major

Co-authored "Feeling Management", "Why Japanese Companies Stumble on Globalization", Translated "Introduction to In-Company Learning", etc.


Shintaro Yoshida

The mission is to "create a business"!


Enterprise sales and BtoB marketing with SaaS startups. Launched beauty media at Saishunkan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., and was in charge of everything from service planning to development and operation as a producer. After working at "Minna no Wedding" and "Drecom", he led a business alliance with 3minute while promoting PR and digital marketing support for the world's largest consumer goods manufacturer at "PRAP Japan". Since then, he has independently supported mass media, telecommunications carriers, new real estate businesses and digital marketing.

Keio University SFC


Makoto Kubota

Deputy General Manager of Beijing IWNC Consulting Co., Ltd.


Engaged in recruitment support at Recruit Career Co., Ltd., engaged in regional promotion and management consulting for small and medium-sized manufacturing as a registered management consultant, and participated in ICMG / IWNC in 2012.
After experiencing the development of next-generation managers and global human resources of large companies in Japan

He was seconded to Beijing IWNC Consulting Co., Ltd. and has been in charge of management as a business manager in China.

Based in Shanghai, he is responsible for strategy formulation, human resources / organization development, and personnel system construction for Japanese companies in China, and has supported the collaboration between start-up companies and Japanese companies in the Zhongguancun area.


Graduated from the Faculty of Political Science and Economics, Meiji University


Takahiro Ishizaki

YCP Solidiance Partner

Singapore Managing Director


Takahiro Ishizaki has led the growth of a portfolio business - a baby skincare brand, in Southeast Asia. With his expertise in revitalizing and rebranding businesses, he has enabled clients with established businesses to successfully enter new overseas markets and supported them with new business developments. He has extensive experience with market entry, growth strategies, business planning and turnaround. Prior to joining YCP Solidiance in 2015, he was involved in business recovery services in PwC Advisory LLC and supported the development of new businesses in ICMG Co., Ltd.


An organization that accompanies organizational transformation (DX) and new business / service development based on the values of "Think together, Build together, and Go Beyond together".


INDEE stands for “Inspire, Innovate, Design, Develop, Ecological, and Ethical”

Accelerator of startups and enterprise projects


Based on the philosophy of "realizing a better society by supporting the value creation and growth of venture companies that challenge innovation," the success probability and speed of entrepreneurs, start-ups, and venture companies from before the start-up to before and after the IPO Support to raise.


Junichiro Ueno

JuM Design LLC.Representative
Guildworks,Inc. Guild Master
D'Arts Inc.Director and COO

He focuses on assisting clients in taking services from concept to ideal form.
He specializes in taking a holistic view of the situation, maintaining consistency, and considering the direction in which things should be.

He started as a tester, then became a programmer, and finally moved on to management, supporting many companies,
He launched Guildworks with his colleagues and later took over as the company's representative. Currently, he is the founder of JuM Design.

While supporting many companies, he aims to create better services and disseminate them to the world.

Every year, he is also in charge of the "Programming BootCamp," a service development experience program for students at the Tokyo Institute of Technology's Leadership Education Institute.


Tadaatsu Suguro

Asoca Inc..CEO/Founder

He has worked in sales for more than 10 years in Keyence, Kyocera, and MetLife, including direct sales, management and sales support for overseas sales companies, account sales for distributors, and sales planning.
After that, he realized the great potential of customer development methods and worked at JapanInnovationNetwork for 4 years (last position: Director), supporting innovation creation for more than 10 Japanese companies by providing both hands-on project support and organizational structure building support.

Likes: Manga, music, sports, oranges
Dislikes: stiffness, natural smile

The University of Kobe (Business Administration),


An organization that accompanies organizational transformation (DX) and new business / service development based on the values of "Think together, Build together, and Go Beyond together".


INDEE stands for “Inspire, Innovate, Design, Develop, Ecological, and Ethical”

Accelerator of startups and enterprise projects


Based on the philosophy of "realizing a better society by supporting the value creation and growth of venture companies that challenge innovation," the success probability and speed of entrepreneurs, start-ups, and venture companies from before the start-up to before and after the IPO Support to raise.


"Creating and nurturing business prototypes together" Archetype is an incubation company that supports various business creation activities of companies. Based on our knowledge of startup investment support and abundant business development experience, we provide consistent support from the creation of new business ideas to commercialization.


An NPO headquartered in Singapore and based in Japan and Southeast Asia that promotes social business. Aiming to promote social change centered on support for startups in the early stages of entrepreneurship aiming to solve social and environmental problems from the technology domain. Currently in Japan, the company runs the entrepreneurship promotion program "Social Change Makers (SCM)" together with the Nippon Foundation, and Scale Out is also collaborating to provide the program.


Founded mainly by members of the Frontier Human Resources Study Group of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. Provides innovation management and project support to realize "a country where innovation emerges from all organizations".


Through the research and dissemination of "Effectuation," the organization aims to increase the number of practitioners of entrepreneurship, both individuals and organizations, and to establish a culture in Japan in which innovation is taken for granted. A general incorporated association of which the co-chairs serve as directors.


ScaleOut, INDEE Japan, and BREAKPOINT are a consortium of three venture capital firms and an incubator group. Provides a wide range of hands-on support to entrepreneurs in the seed and pre-seed stage who have difficulty in commercializing their businesses in the deep-tech and hard-tech fields, from business startup to fundraising.


"The Spark is Our Future"
We advocate market-creating business creation and practice customer development. We are committed to providing hands-on support to external companies and supporting the establishment of systems by going out on the street and applying our practical knowledge to such activities.


THE GEAR is the Singapore base that incorporates three functions: the Asian headquarters, the R&D centre, and the open innovation hub of Kajima. It is an innovation space that operates a living lab and incubation offices, accelerating co-creation with startups and between companies. Collaborating with Scale Out, it works as an ecosystem partner, including joint program development.


Our Services

"Everything is practice"   

by Edson Arantes do Nascimento

Digital Transformation/Organization Design/Accompanying Startup Projects/Training & Education/Awareness Change



Excavation / motivation / creation

Stimulate interest in innovation and make everyone aware of the potential of innovators. Motivate the challenges of entrepreneurship and new businesses, and support the formation of a population of people who take on many challenges, which is essential for systematic innovation.

Development of innovation human resources (workshop)

Providing education necessary for innovation activities such as ideation, business model building, and lean startup

Innovation system

Design / operation / improvement

Supporting institutional / organizational design, operation, and continuous improvement of innovation creation based on practical experience


Supporting the conversion to an organization that continues to create new "new" value widely in the shortest and fastest time and the development of its leaders



"Effectation Theory" is a theory that Professor Saras Sarasbasy of the University of Virginia Business School systematically studied and summarized the decision-making of excellent entrepreneurs.

In modern society, we are trying to solve problems with goal-driven, "causal" thinking, but entrepreneurs do not always make decisions with grand ideas, but means-driven "effects". While involving the surroundings with "Tual effectual", we are spinning a controllable purpose, and gradually expanding the purpose and opening up the future through its realization.

At scale-out, we are not limited to theory, but we are practicing activities to increase human resources with such a mindset with a systematic approach.

Learn from yesterday

Live for today

Hope for tomorrow

by Albert Einstein

Special website for the program to be co-designed with Stanford University faculty

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